Applied Brushes offer you complete solution to your Brushing Problems We believe our industry makes a positive and significant contribution to society. We also know that by transforming the way people communicate, work and socialise, our services have often raised issues of public concern.


Today we operate in a highly competitive market, offering faster, diverse services, new applications, and inventive ways to communicate and interact. Our success depends not only on making our offer to customers imaginative, fair and dependable, but also on being responsible for our actions and effects every day.

But we believe in a broader view.

We launched Applied Brushes with a set of values to help us do this: to be bold, open, trusted and clear. Since then, we have worked hard to make sure we operate as a business that is regularly measured, audited and held to account.

Our customers - their views, ideals, priorities and needs - are at the heart of our operations and our approach to corporate responsibility.

We aim to do business in ways that benefit society at large: by complying with best practice and to a clear set of business principles; by talking and listening to our stakeholders; by acting in the interests of customers, employees and communities; and by canvassing and informing opinion of what our service is, does and can do.


To instill corporate responsibility further into our organisation, we believe we should:
• Provide easy-to-use and fairly priced products and services.
• Improve our performance continuously.
• Take proper account of social, environmental and ethical concerns and manage our effect on    the environment and society.
• Understand the needs and opinions of a wide range of stakeholders.
• Give our employees a safe, well-balanced and stimulating workplace.
• Support and energize the communities we serve.